Playground Rules

1. Parents/Guardians are responsible for children while playing in U Play

2. Socks MUST be worn at all times

3. No rough play on the play system

4. U Play is not responsible for lost or damaged items

5. No food or drink allowed on the play system or in the toddler area. Food is only allowed in U Play cafe area and party rooms

Trampoline Rules

1. All jumpers must be wearing U Play socks

2. Do not double bounce

3. No double flips

4. No rough play on the trampoline

5. Take caution when jumping on the edge of trampoline

6. Do not sit or lie on the court

7. Avoid loose fitting clothes so as to not catch it on the trampoline or another person

8. No climbing on walls or netting

9. Please remove all objects from pockets ex. Keys, coins ect, as they may fall out and damage the trampoline